VII Troitsk Conference on Medical Physics (TCMP-7)
VII Troitsk Conference
on Medical Physics
Troitsk, Moscow, Russia, June 15-18, 2020

About Troitsk

TroitskTroitsk is a city 20 km to the west of Moscow. In 2007 the city was given a title of a science city. In 2012 Troitsk was included in Moscow. The population of the city is 60 924 as of 2018.

Troitsk The city has a history dating back to the 17th century. Troitsk got its name from an old settlement. In 1751 the owner of the settlement started fabric manufacturing which later turned into a factory that was the foundation for the city. Up to this day Troitsk weaving factory remains the largest industrial manufacturing in the city.
Among the most remarkable events in the history of the settlement is that at one time it served as a temporary stay for Napoleon’s headquarters during the war of 1812. It was here that Napoleon signed his order to set Moscow on fire.

At the beginning of 1938 the Head Department of Hydrometeorological Service started the construction of the building of Moscow Geophysical Observatory. At the end of the Great Patriotic War this building was the basis for the Research Institute for Terrestrial Magnetism which was moved here from Leningrad.

Troitsk1952 saw the beginning of the construction of Magnetic Laboratory. In the 1960s the scientific base of the settlement started to expand: the construction of the Institute for High Pressure Physics began. The new institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR appeared here. At the moment there are eight well-known research centres in Troitsk. These centres contributed to the formation of the city. Today over 5 thousand citizens of Troitsk are involved in scientific work. Nearly all the institutes do research that are in some way related to medical physics.




Key scientific institutes:

  • Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation of the RAS (IZMI RAS). is the oldest institute of the city. Over 750 specialists including 40 doctors of sciences and 200 candidates of sciences work there.
  • Troitsk Institute for Innovation and Fusion Research (TRINITI) started its development with the organization of the Magnetic Laboratory of the Academy of Science of the USSR in 1956 which was in 1961 joined with Kurchatov Institute for Atomic Energy. At the moment 1440 specialists are employed in the Institute. 3 of them are members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 53 doctors and 170 candidates of sciences.
  • Institute for High Pressure Physics of the RAS. was established in 1958 on the basis of the High pressure laboratory of the AS of the USSR. The Institute now employs about 500 specialists, 20 of them are doctors, 76 candidates of sciences, 2 academicians of the RAS
  • P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the RAS – the history of its Troitsk branch dates back to 1963. The main technological facilities of the institute for developing, construction and manufacturing physics research equipment were located in Troitsk. Up to 1000 specialists work at the Institute.
  • Institute for Spectroscopy of the RAS was founded in 1968 on the basis of the Laboratory of the Spectroscopy Committee in the frames of the Department of general physics and astronomy of the AS of the USSR. The Institute conducts spectroscopic research of atoms, molecules, condensed media, plasma, performs laser analysis and equipment design. The Institute employs about 250 specialist, 26 doctors and 45 candidates of sciences, 1 member of the RAS and 1 professor of the RAS.
  • Institute for Nuclear Research of the RAS was established in 1970 for fundamental research of physics of elementary particles, atomic nucleus, physics of cosmic rays and neutrino astrophysics. The centre of medical physics has been created on the basis of the linear accelerator in the past few years. About 1300 specialists are employed at the Institute, 5 of them are academicians and 2 members of the RAS, 3 professors of the RAS, 42 doctors and 160 candidates of sciences.
  • Institute for Photonic Technologies of the RAS is a division of the Crystallography and Photonics Research Centre of the RAS that used to be the Department for perspective laser technologies of the Institute for Laser and Information Technologies Problems before 2016 established in 1979.
  • Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials was established in 1995. The Institute has the technologies to obtain diamond monocrystals up to 7 carats. The Institute has been working on creating construction nanomaterials based on metal-carbon, carbo-carbon as well as nanostructured ceramics.

Nowadays Troitsk is becoming the centre of innovative development of the new areas of Moscow. TechnoSpark Nanotechnological Centre and business incubator are working in Troitsk today. They are part of Troitsk innovation cluster. Troitsk technopark hosts over 20 research and technological start-ups.

The city has a well-developed infrastructure including modern residential buildings, shops, customer-service centres, medical establishments, kindergartens, schools, sports facilities. There has been a lot of residential construction in Troitsk lately which leads to the growth of its population. Good ecology and location near Moscow attract people. At the moment projects of new scientific manufacturing facilities, translation medicine centre and a University town of the Higher School of Economics are being developed.

Troitsk Administration:


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