VII Troitsk Conference on Medical Physics (TCMP-7)
VII Troitsk Conference
on Medical Physics
Troitsk, Moscow, Russia, June 15-18, 2020

Conference Sessions

Session 1: Biomedical photonics: the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with biological tissues; optical and optoacoustic diagnostics of biological tissues; photodynamic processes; THz medicine and biology.

Session Chairs: Vyacheslav Gordienko, Valery Tuchin, Alexander Shkurinov

Session 2: Nanotechnology for medicine: nanomedicine; nanosensorics; nanodiagnostics and nanoscopy; nanoplasmonics; nanoparticles; manipulation of biological micro- and nano-objects; theranostics

Session Chairs: Boris Chichkov, Andrey Naumov

Session 3: New biomedical methods, devices and materials: new optical biosensor platforms; promising photosensitizers; physical effects on microbiological systems; new materials for medicine; information and cognitive technologies in medicine

Session Chairs: Sergey Gonchukov, Vladimir Minaev

Session 4: Regenerative technologies, tissue engineering: tissue engineering in tissue regeneration; scaffoldless technologies in regenerative medicine; induced pluripotent stem cells

Session Chairs: Valerian Kagan, Yuanyuan Zhang, Anastasia Efimenko, Vladimir Komlev, Petr Timashev

Session 5: Nuclear and radiation diagnostics and therapy: therapy and diagnostics with radionuclide sources; radiation therapy; translational medicine.

Session Chairs: Sergey Akulinichev, Alexander Chernyaev

Symposium  “Innovative MRI for Precision Medicine”

Symposium Chairs:  Alexander Makurenkov, Yury Pirogov, Vladimir Polshakov

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